Powertop Industrial Group is experienced in carrying out specialized projects related to the design and construction of fuel cells, hydrogen production, design and construction of pilots with the aim of promoting new energies, battery design and construction, battery evaluation and introduction of the best batteries with scientific and design methods. and the construction of semi-industrial setup and software projects such as CFD and MATLAB, regarding consulting in academic, research and industrial projects for the promotion of researchers and industrialists of the country. Powertop Industrial Group tries to provide the best services by relying on strong teams in practical and software fields and 10 years of experience. Powertop Industrial Group is trying to achieve the new frontiers of the country’s technology by considering new horizons with the approach of innovators. In recent years, we have tried to upgrade the battery spot welding devices so that we can connect batteries to each other in a specialized way, and the important thing in this field is the complete control of the amount of welding and the precise adjustment of the welding power. Our goal is to value our customers. It is, because you are very valuable to us and the best quality is your right.


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