battery spot welder powertop 500



Suitable for all battery packs with two controls (time-power) and equipped with a pedal mounting socket (new). The spot welding device or SPOT WELDER is one of the best ways to weld thin metal sheets, because the heat does not spread throughout the objects. They choose a spot welding device that connects the thin metal plates of the nickel strip to each other without releasing heat. This advantage has made it one of the most widely used devices in electronic boards and battery industries. This machine has the possibility of spot welding in several different modes. All parts of the device are resistant to electric shocks and can be easily used in single phase 220 voltage systems. It is suitable for battery welders.
1- It has a protective fuse.
2- It is equipped with a four-mode selector. It is very low consumption.
3- All the coils have a fireproof coating. Its body is completely insulated. It can be used in all places.
4- It has an indicator light.
5- The electrodes can be adjusted and replaced
6- It has a pedal socket
7- Its consumption produces current from 5 to 500 amperes.
8- It is all copper and the transformer is also all copper.
9- With powerful OMRON relay
10- Weight 4 kg
11- The power of the device is 3 kilowatts

12-It has two volume controls for time and power at the same time so that it can accurately change the amount of welding and easily weld all batteries, such as a small coin battery to the largest battery.


80 $

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