spot welder powertop 1000


Spot welding is an electric resistance welding that can be used to weld various sheet metal products through a method in which the contact point of the metal surface is connected to the unit by the heat generated by the resistance to the electric current. A shaped copper alloy electrode is used to reduce the welding current to a small “spot” and simultaneously bond the sheets together. The work pieces are held together under the pressure applied by the electrodes. This device can weld metal thickness up to 4 mm. Forcing a high current through the spot melts the metal and produces the weld. A special point of welding is that a large amount of energy can be applied to the points in a very short time. This allows welding to be done without overheating the rest of the sheet. It is determined by the resistance between the electrodes and the amount and duration of the current. The amount of energy is chosen to match the material properties of the sheet, its thickness and the type of electrode. Another feature of spot welding is that the energy at the spot can be controlled to produce reliable welds.

1- The system has an intelligent welding control circuit.

2- It is single-phase so that it can be used everywhere.

3- It has a powerful copper transformer

4- It can be used in two fixed and portable modes.

5-Adjustable jaws.

6- It has an adjustable handle.

7- With original OMRON relay

8- digital welding time regulator

9-Equipped with input fuse for higher safety

10- Ability to weld metal wires

11-12 months of alliance and 10 years of after-sales service


175 $

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